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Payee Screen

Making Your Property Management Tasks Easier!

Realty Software has developed a complete Property Management Software for all types of rental or leased property including houses, apartments, commercial, industrial, condo and vacation rentals. For Property Managers, Property Owners and Landlords.

PMplus - Owner Screen - Showing all Owner and Building Information

This report shows all the current owner and building data for a list of rental. The data above the line pertains to the owner and the buildings information is below the line. Owner fees for rentals with negative cashflow, Association fees, etc can be entered and tracked here and you can charge the names of these accounts. The Management Fee for the building is entered as a percent of the collected rents. A reserve amount in dollars can be entered to hold back some funds for this building when doing the automatic checks to owners. Additional information about the building can be entered under "Building Info" which opens a notepad file for the building .... this file is unlimited in size so all kinds of data can be stored about each biuldling. The "Select" control at the bottom of the Owner Screen allows the user to search through the tenants in Alphabetic order or the "Lookup" button can find a Owner directly.. This report is part of the PMplus - Real Estate Property Management Software designed and supported by Realty Software.

Realty Software's Property Management Plus Reports

Realty Software - Rental Managers Owners Landlords Software

We have Real Estate Property Management Software systems for one or multiple owners.

You can customize Realty Software 's - Real Estate Property Management Software to fit all of your real estate management needs. We offer a varity of options that make this software the most complete ever.

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