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Property Management Software Information

New Online Version with Cloud Data Protection!

Realty Software has developed a complete Property Management Software for all types of rental or leased property including houses, apartments, commercial, industrial, condo and vacation rentals. For Property Managers, Property Owners and Landlords.

Property Management Software 'PMplus' Features:

  • Tenant/Owner information - printed by Name or Rental number order
  • Posting Rents by Tenant Name or Unit number
  • Tracks partial payments, late payments and payments in advance
  • Reports Late Rents with all pertinent tenant information
  • Shows Vacancies and Expired Leases
  • Prints Plain Paper Rent Statements with up to 4 extra charges
  • Handles a mix of single family, multi-family and commercial rentals
  • Manages many checking accounts or trust account operation
  • Auto check writer for repetitive expenses and loan payments
  • Detailed income and expense listings for any building
  • Complete tenant payment history available instantly
  • Prints Rent Receipts
  • Reconciles with bank balance as of any date
  • Operating statements by building or owner, for any month
  • View Reports on-screen or print all or part - as needed
  • Tracks Bank Charges
  • Mailing Labels for tenants and payees
  • Email or Fax all reports direct from program
  • Download Bank and Credit Card Expenses
  • Create any type of custom report using Crystal Reports Software
  • Fast and Easy to use - few key stokes required

Maintenance Management 'MAINman' Features:

  • Keeps Maintenance Records on almost any kind of property
  • Lists include ALL, ACTIVE, COMPLETED or INACTIVE Requests
  • Lists by Rental/Unit, Requestor, Contractor, User CODE or PRIORITY
  • Tracks current status of all Requests for Maintenance
  • Monitors Estimated and Actual costs
  • Complete Description of the problem to be fixed
  • Request, Promise and Completion dates tracked
  • Prints work orders for job contractor
  • All Requests can be viewed on screen ( Browser Arrows )
  • Integrated with the Property Management Plus system


( Available Now )
  • Short Term ( Vacation ) Rentals
  • Complete Information on each Rental and Reservation
  • Printing of Conformations with Amount Due and Due Date
  • Lists of late rents/fees/deposits
  • Selection of available units by dates requested, # of beds & type
  • Lists of check-in's for any date
  • Lists of Reservations by Owner, Building or Unit
  • Tracking of Deposits collected and returned
  • Integrated with Property Management Plus accounting.

Multiple Owners Features:

  • Maintains extensive information on Buildings/Owners
  • Calculates and posts Management Fees automatically
  • Posts and Prints checks to Owners automatically
  • Prints Owner 1099 IRS forms automatically at year end
  • Calculates and Posts Tenant Deposit Interest\
  • Prints Owners account Balance Report on demand
  • Mailing Labels for Owners. System is very fast and very compact

* All new purchases include Fax and E-mail support for Thirty days

Real Estate Analysis Plus - Ten Year Cashflow Forecast:

This program considers price, equity, income, vacancies, debt service, operating expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, appreciation and interest on cashflow to calculate a before and after tax cashflow and rates of return for each year. Several scenarios may be run showing best, worst and most probable outcomes over the next ten years. Total Equity accumulation as well as cash on sale is also shown. A superb tool for future planning.

Realty Software - Rental Managers Owners Landlords Software

We have Real Estate Property Management Software systems for one or multiple owners.

You can customize Realty Software 's - Real Estate Property Management Software to fit all of your real estate management needs. We offer a varity of options that make this software the most complete ever.

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